Mutant Remains HORROR zine

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Mutant Remains HORROR zine

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The works in Mutant Remains are both new and old, but a consistency of GHOULISHNESS unites them. Volume one features my "Political Monsters" Power Profiles series, 30 daily monster drawings from 2016, an article on the José Mojica Marins’ (aka Coffin Joe) film “Awakening of the Beast,” a piece of erotic fan fiction based on the HG Lewis movie, "Blood Feast," and an original comic called “Destiny of the Weed Whackerer” that was inspired by reading Hideshi Hino. YOU'LL SURELY PUKE!

Volume 2 is a years worth of cult and horror movie reviews, plus illustrations for movies like “Don’t Look In The Basement,” “Hamburger the Motion Picture,” “Gas Pump Girls,” “Gold Diggers of 1933,” and many more - 48 GHASTLY pages!!