Ghastly Horror Society Private Selection Series HOOP DREAMS, ITALY: BLOOD AND GUTS, NEW HORIZINE

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Ghastly Horror Society Private Selection Series HOOP DREAMS, ITALY: BLOOD AND GUTS, NEW HORIZINE

You'll get ALL THREE issues of the Ghastly Horror Society Private Selection Series!

HOOP DREAMS - A Tobe Hooper Fanzine: A tribute to director Tobe Hooper featuring art, poetry, comics, fanfiction, essays, and FUN! This is the FIRST ISSUE in the Ghastly Horror Society Private Selection Series.

Contributors include Joe Carlough, Jason EviL Covelli, Neil Devlin, Amber Christine Nigro, Claire Diane, Erok Hellhammer, Arty Flores, Funkcula, George Jenne, Pat Keck, Rod Lott, 1313 Zine, Nathaxnne, Kevin Phillips, Jeff Rapier, John Rogers, Scott Stripling, Klon Waldrip, and Anthony Wislar

ITALY: BLOOD AND GUTS: 60 pages! Italian exploitation and genre films from the 60s through the 80s are among the wildest ever made, the were global leaders in extreme cinema. This zine is a sampling of that fertile (ohh, so fertile) cinematic moment, explored through art, essays, critical analysis, activities and erotic fanfic!

Contributors include: Jordan McLaughlin, Doug Randazzo, Seth Goodkind, Dusty U, Samm Deighan, Erok Hellhammer, Lani M, Roger Nybroen, Kevin Phillips, ECP, Tavi Veraldi, Matt Graham, Glenn Jeffers, Hollie Horror, and Klon Waldrip

NEW HORIZINE - A tribute to the films and legacy of Roger Corman! Films like The Masque of Red Death, Little Shop of Horrors, Death Race 2000, Rock and Roll High School, Caged Heat, The Trip, Bucket of Blood, Chopping Mall, Slumber Party Massacre, The Wild Angels, X: The Man With X-Ray Eyes, It Conquered the World, Not of This Earth and hundreds more! UNPRINTABLE until now! Shock by Shock this zine presents a new high in NAKED SHRIEKING TERROR - Inconceivable! Unbelievable! What secrets does it hold? Stare into New Horizine and count if you can the orgies of evil! You’ll find a murderer’s row of contributors...their credo is violence and their god is hate - Kevin Barry, Ed Canfield, Corey Corcoron, Caleb Darnell, Jaimie Filier, Kyle Gunn, Danny Hellman, Ben Horak, Pat Keck, Rod Lott, Nate Malcolm, Audrey Manhardt, Hoff Matthews, Jordan McLaughlin, Patrick Moroney, Damyen The Wikkid Murdda Chylde, Marc Palm, Kevin Phillips, Joshua Rievel, Stephanie Rivers, Noah Rymer, Lance Schibi, Andy Turner, Klon Waldrip, and Dusty Underwood