Ghastly Horror Society Compendium Volume #2

Ghastly Horror Society Compendium Volume #2

NOTE: This listing is for VOLUME TWO ONLY, so make sure you’re choosing the correct zines when you order. International orders, please reach out to me directly at [email protected]

For many years I hosted a monthly horror/cult movie night at Flicker Theater in Athens, Ga, these two zines are an effort to look back on those movies and celebrate independent screenings like this that are going on in bars and coffee shops and restaurants and pet shops and anywhere else people can cram in a screen and some seats. When I put the call out to contributors I was flooded with so much capital-QC Quality Content from so many people that I admire and respect that I had to break it up into TWO zines! That’s over 120 pages of essays, comics, illustrations, reviews- hell, there’s even a Return of the Living Dead Role Playing Game in one of them! This isn’t some thin-soup zine that your twerpy neighbor threw together, this is a veritable horror movie muckbang!! Look at the list of contributors below- it’s as stuffed as a Russian ballot box!!

Zine #2:

Ruth Allen, Lowbrow Antics, Kevin Barry, Wes Brooks, Adam Casey, Matt Clark, Oliver Costes, Jay Domingo, Heather Drain, Jason EVIL, Ryan Gallagher, Jordan Rae Herron, Pat Keck, Keenan Marshall Keller, Rod Lott, Rachel McPadden, Becky Munich, Radioactivebl0bfuel, Roger Nybroen, Dead Sovine, Sara Nicole Storm, Klon Waldrip, Joey Weiser, Erin Wu